green & black

January 28, 2015

I made a little diagram thing to try to explain the difference of green and black tea. Oolong tea, which is what Cho Yung Tea, my sponsor, is; a green tea but slightly more oxidized. Most tea experts actually agree that Oolong tea is the healthiest. Hope you learn something from it!

10 minute yoga stretch for neck and shoulders

January 27, 2015

This gentle neck and shoulders routine is designed to carefully relieve tension and loosen up the shoulders. It's a great way to prevent damages to your neck later in life, but most of all it feels fantastic! Getting that little break in the day to detach from the stress and chaos and focus your energy on letting go. I always walk away feeling lighter and much more positive! 

Denne nakke- og skulderrutina er designa for å forsiktig løysa opp spenningar og gi bedre holdning i dagliglivet. Det er ein flott måte å forhindra slitasje og skader som følge av lange dagar med fysisk arbeid eller over ein pc, men mest av alt føles det rett og slett berre heilt fantastisk! Å setta av eit lite kvarter av dagen for å ta vare på seg sjølv og la stresset sleppa tak.

Oolong Tea

January 21, 2015

Cosmin Dordea

As I started my Cho Yung Tea scheme on Monday I thought I would look a little further into what Oolong tea actually is.

First off, what a lot of people doesn't know is that green, black and oolong tea all come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The secret to the individual tea's properties is in the processing. 

The level of fermentation (oxidization) is what really separates the different teas. Oolong tea is midway between black and green tea as it is semi-oxidated. This level of fermentation allows for a harmonious balance that preserves some of the grassy-floral quality often found in green tea, yet maintains the deeper-tone character of black tea. You can read more about the different teas here.

Oolong tea has many active pharmacological elements such as vitamin C and E, carotene and minerals such as zinc, selenium and florin. The tea also contains caffeine and tea polyphenols such as flavonol antioxidants. These elements all help us stay fit and healthy. In addition to these, Cho Yung Tea also includes a "blend of traditional herbs and plants to help purify the body's cells and support the essential organs through the digestive process" - Cho Yung Tea. It's mother nature's all natural blend for a happy, healthy life.

I hope you head over and check it out and it would mean the world if you also followed them on instagram (here) as I will be posting there a few times a week as well! 

Cho Yung & Triné's Summer Fitspo 2015

January 20, 2015

Follow my summer inspiration board on Cho Yung Tea's Pinterest here. I'll be posting new pictures every day throughout January. See you there!

Cho Yung Tea

January 19, 2015

Last year when I lived in Southampton I discovered Cho Yung Tea. I was half way through my final year, writing my thesis, had just been given my exam assignment and was working part-time at a nightclub 3 days a week. I had just gone through a bad break-up and was eating junk food and whatever high energy-food the university vendors offered. It's hard even thinking back to the state I was in. One morning on my way to the library I stopped by Holland and Barrett (it was on my way) and found Cho Yung Tea on sale. I wanted something different than watered out coffee so I got it.

It was probably the best decision I made that year. I felt the difference already the next morning. My stomach felt amazing. Not bloated or hard (the sort of thing junk food will do to you), a result of the tea helping my digestive system work more efficiently, and my head felt clearer because of the herbs and caffein.

I've been at a happy, healthy weight now. I do expect gaining a couple kgs during winter and loosing a few during summer, but I feel absolutely fine doing so. However, when I go beyond those couple kgs I feel absolutely terrible. And lately I have. I ran out after moving back to Norway so I emailed Cho Yung Tea, told them my story and asked where I could buy the tea here. They were so happy to hear that they had been able to help me through a difficult patch in my life and wanted to send me a packet for free if I shared my story and some info about the product through my blog and Instagram (which I would've done either way).

My weight and health goes hand-in-hand with my happiness and Cho Yung Tea helps me stay happy :)


January 17, 2015

With every day and vitalizing yoga session I feel more confident that doing the teacher training in 2016 is actually something I can do. When I started back up with my daily yoga routines this January I hadn't practiced regularly in some time. I felt so sure three weeks earlier when I made the decision to teach, however, the first sessions were brutal. But I am finally feeling accepting of the challenge and ready to push myself in terms of the challenge and routine and incorporating yoga fundamentals into my daily life.

The mat has become my safe space. I feel a flow of relief and happiness go through me when my head touches the mat and I take that long breath out. It is the only place and time in my life when I manage to block out the dread of time and loosen my grip on control. I feel so thankful to have discovered yoga and the wonderful community of yogis.

On another note, I got the three lovelies monochrome beauties yesterday. They're from House Doctor and simply amazing. The largest one is for my iPad, the medium to organize my purse and the smallest for my earplugs  or cards. I love them all, but they look particularly ravishing together, don't you think?